Via Brennero, 55/57 51024 Abetone Cutigliano PT (Località Le Regine)
Via Brennero, 55/57 51024 Abetone Cutigliano PT (Località Le Regine)


“Il Baggiolo” is a family business which began in the 1980’s when Leandro and Marilena decided to open up a small laboratory in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, an area rich in forest fruits. Abetone, with its forests, moorland, breathtaking views and great ski champions, is a land rich with wild blueberries. The love for their land, respect for nature and a healthy natural lifestyle have all contributed to making a profession out of Leandro and Marilena’s great passion. Many years ago “Il Baggiolo” began making jam and fruit juices, combining their ideas with genuine recipes given to them by English tourists staying in the area. The business began to flourish and another two members of the family, Cosetta and Alessandro, joined the business adventure. Along with hard work and a great passion to learn and experiment, business and sales increased through the years. In 1993 the first fruit liqueurs were launched and in 1998 “Il Baggiolo” was one of the first businesses to produce organic products.

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