Via Brennero, 55/57 51024 Abetone Cutigliano PT (Località Le Regine)
Via Brennero, 55/57 51024 Abetone Cutigliano PT (Località Le Regine)


“Il Baggiolo” is a business with more than 30 years of experience, known for its excellence in picking and transforming fruit growing 1400 metres high in the mountains nearby. The company’s image has become a symbol of Abetone. The locally picked wild blueberries are the most important fruit of the business. The company began as a small laboratory in the 1980’s and is now a booming business, who produced today 500.000 jars per year. Since 1998 “Il Baggiolo” has been producing high quality organic products with new and exciting recipes. The company using “old hands of experience”, is able to produce jams rich in flavour and consistency which are easily spread on bread or simple juices full of natural vitamins.


The company has expanded and new innovative machinery capable of producing larger quantities of produce have been added, each phase is highly controlled ensuring the maximum quality. New recipes have been added to the older more traditional ones: fruit in syrup and new fruit liqueurs (spirits) for all tastes. All the produce has less sugar and more natural juice from the fruit. Some of the products are sent out to distributers while others go to shops specializing in natural produce.

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