Via Brennero, 55/57 51024 Abetone Cutigliano PT (Località Le Regine)
Via Brennero, 55/57 51024 Abetone Cutigliano PT (Località Le Regine)

Soft cake with wild blueberries and nuts


For 8-10 persons

For the nuts biscuit

150 g of icing sugar, 60 g of chopped nuts like flour, 50 g of rice flour, 2 g of baking, 170 g of egg whites, 90 g of butter, 1/3 of cups of wild blueberries in syrup “il Baggiolo”, 20 g ok chopped nuts, lemon rind, a bit of salt and a bit of vanilla sugar.


In a bowl mix the icing sugar, the chopped nuts flour and the rice flour, the baking, the salt, the lemond rind and the vanilla sugar.

Add the egg whites.

Melt the butter until is completely melted and amber-colored. Do it to cool and add to the dough.

Pour in the dough, sprinkle the wild blueberries and the chopped nuts.

Bake at 180° for about 35 minuts then let cool.


For the mascarpone chantilly:

100 g of fresh cream, 60 g of mascarpone, 20 g of granulated sugar and lemond rind.

For the mascarpone and wild blueberries chantilly:

100g of fresch cream, 60 g of mascarpone, 25 g of juice of the wild blueberries in syrup, 20 g of granulated sugar.

In two bowls bring together the cold parts of the two chantilly and turn them over with the electric whisk until it is become a mousse.

Use the saccapoche for decorate the cake.

Store in refrigerate.


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